Tick Tock!

Tick Tock!

Things are moving along nicely. Our shoot days for Eua-Lander are quickly approaching. About three weeks out.

Lots of meetings and finalizing of details. Today we met with our AWESOME 1st AD, Nicole C. and the SPFXMU team, Colin, and Nicole B. Our AD wanted to go over shooting, set-up, and breakdowns for the team. So much detailed work, but I’m so happy we had a chance to do it, it made me feel a lot more at ease. Emma (producer) and I chatted about it afterwards. We feel so fortunate to be working with these talented and dedicated individuals. 

Can’t wait to share some pics of what Colin and Nicole B. has been working tirelessly away on! Seeing our ‘alien’/Eua-lander look come to life is soooo exciting.

'Meeting notes'.. so maybe I was supposed to be a doctor! :)

Emma and I will set up some social media pages in the coming weeks, where we can begin to share more of this process. Till then, we’re keeping it under wraps. 

So excited for this film and so grateful to work with these talented individuals and be included in the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative Film 5 program!

I’ll be linking to social media platforms once we’ve created them.