Mr. Horizon

Still image from Mr. Horizon. 

So I did this thing with a super-talented and unique group of people; we created a Docu Poem for Lunenburg Doc Fest. 
Top: Erica, Hesam & Keith. Botton left: Bria

The poet, Hesam Hanafi created this exquisite piece - Mr. Horizon. that will be performed by the uber-talented Bria Cherise Miller, and it was shot in a few locations as well as NSCAD studio. Cinematography was by Keith Mitchell, Hesam and myself. The edit a collaboration between Hesam and I, and we both directed portions of it.

We've put our blood sweat and heart into it, and hope you can view it and see the Live performance at the upcoming Lunenburg Doc Fest, September 21st @9PM.

Check out their line-up of events in the 2018 Program Guide.

We have a few people to thank for making this project a reality.

Special thanks to Pamela Segger, the organizer of this grand event, to AFCOOP and the quirky and kind Lauren Dial. Thanks also goes out to Chris Spencer-Lowe and NSCAD for allowing us to use the studio and to Hesam for sourcing it out.
Still colour-correct image @Current Studios

We'd also like to especially thank our friends at Current Studios: Brendan Wilson, Justin Gaugreault and Hillary West for assistance with post. To all the animals :) & nature that lent us a hand. AND last but not least to my super enthusiastic, talented and gorgeous team - Hesam, Bria and Keith, thank you beautiful peeps! And to the Universe that brought us together! 

Super-stoked about this project!

Keith at work.

Collaborators - Hesam & Erica