Just Gotta

Lower Water St.

Today, I needed to get outdoors and 'be'. Yesterday after the senseless loss of life in my old stomping ground (the TO), I was feeling burdened. So today, I took a moment, went out to 'people watch', and be among the crowd.
Halifax Central Library bus stop
I stopped at one of my favourite places, had a cup of coffee, watched people passing, hung out at a bus stop and mostly just walked.

Some days call for moments like these. AND you know what, it made me feel better. I took a moment and actually looked up. The sky was beautiful. The weather lovely. The people around me, happily going about there daily business, it rubbed off and left me hopeful and happy.

So on a day like today I just needed to.. be out, be observant, everything else fell into place :).

Between Salter St. and Barrington

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