Screenwriters’ Intensive Day 1

Film 5 - Day 1

Janelle and I have made the first round of Film 5 with our script: An Ordinary Day.
My role: writer/director. Janelle's: producer.

Group - end of Day 1
We arrive at our 1st group session - Screenwriters Intensive with Bretten Hannam and the other participants, in high spirits. I'm still lagging from my trip to Wolfville, but coffee and snacks provided by AFCOOP are a lifesaver. 
Necessary fuel

Everyone seems excited to begin these sessions.
The first hour or so is spent on recap, and basic screen writing tips and techniques. Soon it's time for feedback. Bretten establishes a quick system of going around the table and getting feedback from each participant. He then gives his feedback, and later invite the team (whose script is being critiqued) for additional questions.
An excited team! Left: me. Right:Janelle
Lunch is a needed break and by this time, quick friendships are established. After lunch we go through another 2 scripts and soon the day has ended.
I love the enthusiasm of all involved. Everyone put significant effort into providing their best critique. It will be interesting to see how things develop tomorrow.