Tales from The Road

Photo by Julia Wright

Kristin and Heather, the organizers of The Backroad Ball invited me to New Brunswick to cover the events. The Backroad Ball is a yearly event for female motorcyclists in New Brunswick.  Everything about this appealed to me. The prospect of following a group of women on bikes, a chance to do something totally new, all this was exciting. 
The first group of riders sign up.

My gear of choice my go to 7D Mark II and a new toy, a GoPro Fusion 360, recommended by a friend.

My first day was spent capturing firsts; from welcomes to re-unions. I was introduced to the coolest kickass women this side of the Atlantic. From the most novice rider, one who got her license literally a few days ago, to those who have been riding for 30 years plus. The next few days would leave physically exhausted, yet mentally stimulated.

The days were fully booked. There were a few workshops, a great deal of motorcycle games, everything from Tarot Readings to live performances- burlesque dancers, pole dancing, a few bands, lots of dancing and the biggest bonfire I've ever seen. 
Massive bonfire

Many new friendships were formed, so much learning, and a much needed reminder of what it means to be Fe-male.

Bikes and heels.

I feel fortunate to have been invited into this totally rad circle, and humbled to share in their stories and their vault of experiences.

Look for more on The Backroad Ball in the coming months.  Check out the website and follow them on Facebook -