Directors' Intensive Day 1

We started off the morning pretty excited to have a chance to workshop our scripts & share a full day with director, Cory Bowles.
Let the games begin!
Strike a pose.

Erin had the fresh coffee percolating and there were our usual snacks.
Morning pick-me-upper.

Cory had a few exercises lined up for us.

Among the most exciting for me were:
1. Being walked through a maze of obstacles blindfolded, as I listened to directions from Tori.
2. Working in groups navigating movements, dance, choreography, while building communication skills.

Later, we went through a minute of our scripts and described how each director would execute that specific page, talking both visually, technically and in some instances including music scoring and colouring.
It's still early..

Later we touched on script breakdown and many other topics.
Cory Bowles - director/mentor

It was a fun-filled day with Cory.
AND of course there is homework 😑
Tomorrow is another day and I'm excited to see what we get up to.

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