Day 2 - Directors' Intensive!

Our second day, like the first started with a series of warm-up activities.
First on that list was 'Musical Chairs'.
It was my first time playing this, I kid you not. We begun with a group of 11 and were soon down to 4 people. I was in that line-up. See video here.

This activity was just what we needed.
Afterwards, we jumped right into directing and breaking down a few short scripts. The writing was pretty vague and we were put into teams of 3 to 4 persons - director, with 2-3 actors. Janelle and Chloe, 'knocked it out of the park'.
Janelle acting out a scene that I directed.
It was interesting to see the interpretation of each script from the different teams. In some instances the scripts were different, in others, we were given identical scripts and each allowed to direct/interpret it how we saw fit. 

After lunch we had a chance to talked to Cory about his feature 'Black Cop'. We also discussed some of our concerns around our personal pieces. It's always good to get varying opinions, especially from industry professionals.
Overall, it was a great two days, filled with fun activities and learning!
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