Farley Bridge

It's only after some contemplation that I've decided to start another blog. In the past, I've started numerous blogs, but have NOT been good at posting and following up.

This first post comes a few weeks late, but it inspired me to start blogging again.
I got a gig to be sound recordist on a documentary piece (Bridge Over The Atlantic) in Cape Breton a few weeks back.
Ewen, Colin, Ingrid and others at a practice session.

While sound isn't on top of my list of jobs to do, I was inspired by the musicians and the actual music to consider it for future work.

Sound tech

We basically followed two fiddlers (Ewen Henderson from Scotland, and Colin Grant from Cape Breton) around to what was the end of an emotional journey and a final concert. I became entranced with the music, especially one song - Farley Bridge.

From left to Right: Ewen Henderson, Iain MacCleod and Colin Grant.

From Left to Right: Courtney Bolivar and myself, 1st day on set.
Courtney worked as a camera assistant and I worked as a sound technician. Cape Breton was absolutely stunning, and I hope to return on a more leisurely trip. 
Returning from a busy day.

I took a quick moment to grab this shot while getting some GVs.