En Route Devour!

I'm on my way to my second film festival for the year. This time I'm travelling to Wolfville to attend 'Devour! The Food Film Festival' as a director for my short food piece, 'A Chef's Moment'.
I'm travelling in celebrity fashion = Maritime bus, and having a tasty lunch- half of a Kit Kat.
Filmmaker's Pass

I’m a bit distracted, thinking about the events of the past evening. I was recently accepted into a "Film 5" group (a unique program in Nova Scotia for upcoming filmmakers) and I'm pre-occupied will making lists for upcoming workshops, thinking about prospective crews and sending notes to my producer - Janelle White. . As I near Wolfville, I try to focus on the events ahead.
The bus is almost empty, there’s a guy passed out in the seat in front of me. I’m going over what I want to say briefly on stage before my piece screens. Mostly to thank a few people.
On the bus
I had another piece screen at FIN about a month back. I was much more nervous about that, probably because it was a competition. This is more a relaxed scenario. I’m a little fish in a big pond, so I’m mostly here to observe and enjoy.

My biggest stress was finding a place to stay overnight. I had booked a BnB for 2 nights but that was running me into $300 plus. Another filmmaker offered me a place to stay for the night  (with him and his wife). I agreed and after some hassle with BnB I was able to cancel my reservations without a penalty.

 So I’m on my way and getting a more excited as I get nearer.