Devour! The Food Film Festival!

Arrival Wolfville


I arrive in Wolfville shortly after noon. It’s charming. A bit windy, but lovely. I stop the nearest person and ask directions to the Al Whittle Theatre, which she says is a little bit of a stroll. My roller bag and I head off down a hill, and I stop to snap a few photos on the way there.
Windy Day
Jason another filmmaker is waiting for me at the theatre and it’s good to see a familiar face as the theatre is jammed packed. I make my way to the desk to pick up my badge and Jason and I play catch up. He has to return home to his horses and we agree to meet up later for a bite before my showing.

After he leaves I walk outside to explore a bit and make a few acquaintances on my way. I stumble on a book signing and take a few pictures.
Book signing
Later I venture into a store “Larch Wood” ( and come across some of the most beautiful cutting boards, from Margaree River in Cape Breton.

After a bit more walking about I return to the theatre to watch 2 pieces on wine ‘Dreaming of Wine’ – director David Fernandez de Castro and ‘Somm State of Mind’ – Directors Lani & Bianca Holman. Both an education on wine.

Exiting the main theatre is a bit crazy. There's a buzz, paparazzi is very  present.

Cutting boards from Margaree


Directors: Ricardo and I after the screening.

It was almost time for the screening of ‘A Chef’s Moment’ along with 'Tuna, Farofa & Spaghetti'. When Jason and I entered there are three other people. I joked that this might be it. A few minutes before the showing, the theatre begins to fill up. A chef comes out with samples – Ahi Tuna on a crisp crust, sprinkled with salsa and a side of thinly sliced Prochetta.
A few minutes before the showing Ricardo Rossi (director of 'Tuna, Farofa & Spaghetti 'and I,  are asked to say a few words about our films. I am a bit nervous, but as I begin to talk, I become more relaxed. My film, the much shorter piece plays first. Applause follow. I can now relax and watch Ricardo’s film.