Devour Day 2 - Friends and Films

I woke up to sunshine streaming through the window.

Two cups of coffee later, followed by scrambled eggs, avocado and salsa is a great way to start the morning. Jason and Julia have been the BEST hosts.
Selfie with Jason and Julia

Jason, Lady and Lady's little sister :)
Later, I explore the property with Jason, Julia and Lady. It is both invigorating and refreshing.

Afterward, I say goodbye to Julia and Lady and Jason drives me to Wolfville. He makes a stop at a look off point with views of The Bay of Fundy. Absolutely amazing!

A few quick images

At the theatre, we say goodbye and he heads back home.  After another coffee, I head in to watch ‘Look & Sea: A portrait of Wendell Berry’ w/'Bagels in the Blood’, followed by a moderated panel discussion. ‘Look & Sea’ has left me a bit emotional, and I listen to part of the panel discussion, but leave early to get some lunch before my afternoon bus. I run into my Screen Arts teacher Janet, as I head out and we talk about the festival. It’s great to catch up.
View from the Look off.

Already it’s time to go home. I’m leaving early due to a script session in the morning for Film 5. Devour, has surpassed my expectations, and I hope to attend again in the following year.

On the bus home, I read scripts in preparation for the morning session.