Day 2 – Screenwriters’ Intensive

We began Day 2 with a photo session of the various teams, followed by a group photo.  Janelle and I were up first, and the sun was high. So happy that Nicole (a member of AFCOOP) had a bit of patience with us.
Nerdy girls.
After the photos, we jumped right into feedback on the remaining scripts. Today was harder than yesterday, because our script was under review.  Both Janelle and I have had a few critiques before on scripts; I try to take it like an adult, but seriously I dislike it.
The group was thorough in their critique, and I knew we had a lot more work to do. Yet, I find this comforting. I prefer to start at ‘the back of the pack’, per say. It gives me more motivation to improve and I find that the results are much better.

It’s going to be a daunting couple of weeks, but I’m fully invested, and excited to see what develops!

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